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Our Savings Bond Calculator and How It Can Help You!

savings bond calculator

Own U.S Savings Bonds? This Savings Bond Calculator Delivers Values Plus A Unique Report That Will Surprise You

If you are sitting on any paper U.S. Savings Bonds, chances are you have no idea what they are worth or the interest rates they are earning. We offer the #1 Savings Bond Calculator and detailed Inventory Report providing exact, guaranteed accurate cash in values along with a comprehensive Bond Inventory Report – not available elsewhere.

Why just learn values for Series EE, E or I bonds? The helpful calculator spoon-feeds vital timing, maturity, financial facts and figures every bond owner should  know. The Inventory Report is personalized, color-coded and easy to understand. It helps investors maximize their investment and avoid losing money.

The “what this means to you” section on the Report simplifies bond investing. It provides the comfort of feeling like you are sitting down with a financial planner reviewing your portfolio. There legend explains it all. (For example, the color red means that the bond(s) have stopped earning interest and should be redeemed.). Furthermore, if the bond is redeemed, it indicates that a 1099-INT will be issued for all of the interest earned, which should be reported on ones Federal Income Tax Return.

The service goes above and beyond just providing bond values. It educates and informs and helps the investor navigate through the investment confusion.

Bonds Are Not Created Equal

 Bonds don’t perform the same. When a bond was issued and the series determine the rules, rates and regulations it will follow.  Some have variable rates, while others have a fixed rate for life. Others offer a combination of both.

The company is on a mission to educate bond owners so they don’t make irreversible financial mistakes, such as cashing in bonds earning the highest rate of interest, while sitting on lower yielding bonds. They also provide useful information that can help prevent an unpleasant tax event (such as cashing in too many bonds in a given year).

Calculator guarantees 100% accurate values for an unlimited number of Series E, EE, I and Savings Notes.

It’s as easy as 1,2,3 to obtain current cash in values and important financial information to help maximize investments as well as have the facts and figures to create a smart, strategic financial plan.

How the Savings Bond Calculator Works?

No payment or credit card is required.

1.Enter the information found on the front of each paper bond including:

  • Face Amount
  • Series (example, E, EE or I)
  • Month /Year Issued

2.A personalized Bond Inventory is created.

3.A screen provides the redemption values with detailed bond-by-bond financial information (link to inventory report here?. via a complimentary, printable, Bond Inventory Report, includes:

  • Current cash in values for each savings bond – know exact values.
  • Current interest rate performance – hold onto the winners, redeem the losers first.
  • Total amount of accumulated interest – know what interest needs to be included on your Federal Income Tax Return before cashing in.
  • Next interest posting dates – don’t forfeit interest.
  • Months/years until bonds stop earning interest and should be cashed in.
  • Invaluable “What This Means To You” summary and explanation/legend says it all!

Values, Education and A Helpful Verification Report

The calculator and Bond Inventory Report is a priceless, educational tool that goes beyond providing cash in values. Important financial, timing and taxation information and explanations help investors make smart financial decisions and strategic planning they can’t get elsewhere.

If redeeming, the Inventory Report is the perfect verification report to bring to a bank or financial institution to give you peace of mind and confidence knowing you are getting exactly what you are owed and the amount of interest that will be included on a 1099-INT.


Our Savings Bond Calculator provides cash in values, interest rates and a personalized, printable, color-coded, Savings Bonds Inventory Report along with a “What This Means To You” explanation. For ongoing savings bond management & updated bond values via unique monthly e-Bond Statements, try a free 14-day trial of the our VIP Membership which includes a helpful Cash-In-Report.©

By Jackie Brahney, Marketing Director,, 732-887-8941

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