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Cashing Or Holding U.S. Savings Bonds? Has The Solution has the only complimentary savings bond calculator that values paper U.S. Savings Bonds and includes an eye-opening, color-coded, Bond Inventory Report guaranteed 100% accurate and not available elsewhere. Holding onto bonds? Helpful bond management reports and services, featuring the popular monthly summary e-Bond Statements, deliver an important financial snap shot of what you need to know in seconds! Unique reports provide financial, maturity and tax information with useful insider tips to help you easily maximize your investment and avoid losing money.

Savings Bond Experts Since 1992
Servicing 300,000 bond owners with bond values exceeding $1.3 billion
Secure, private servers provides ultimate bond data backup protection.
Quick & easy current portfolio access via email & password – no need to back up

Monthly Summary Emailed Bond Statements “A Bond Owners Dream
Provides updated portfolio total, growth & link to detailed Bond Inventory Report
Maturity Alerts – advance notifications when your bonds will stop earning interest
Potential tax liabilities indicated (if redeeming)

Personalized, Color-Coded (Printable) Bond Inventory Report
Detailed bond–by–bond financial information, interest rate performance & more
Understand how your bonds are performing & when they stop earning interest
Color-coding indicates your bonds status (green= earning interest, red=matured)
“What This Means To You” simplifies & explains how your bonds work
Perfect verification report to bring to bank when redeeming

Cash–In Report “Eliminates Guesswork When Cashing In”
Indicates which bonds to redeem first based on interest rate performance
Determine how many bonds to redeem based on the cash needed
Know potential Federal Income Tax liability amounts before redeeming bonds

Click here to access the complimentary savings bond calculator, which includes the helpful Bond Inventory Report and review the superior bond management services. is the perfect solution for former Savings Bond Wizard users (with free data conversions)! Click to learn more and get started today!

About’s complimentary calculator provides cash in values, interest rates and a personalized, printable, color-coded, Savings Bond Inventory Report along with a “What This Means To You” explanation. For ongoing savings bond management & updated bond values via unique monthly e-Bond Statements, try a free 14-day trial of the Membership Advantages which includes a helpful Cash-In-Report.©

By Jackie Brahney, Marketing Director,,, @savingsbondsgal

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